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Support For World in Need is a grassroots organisation, working towards disaster relief and longer term development issues. It was established in the midst of a refugee crisis during the war in Kosovo in 1999, and has since helped in many countries around the world. SFWIN currently works to alleviate poverty in Romania and Sri Lanka, and responds to some UK-based causes.


SFWIN is committed to providing aid where it is needed regardless of race, religion, politics, or gender.



Aside from disaster relief when SFWIN responds during crises, our main focus is on health and education. Our other activities include:

  • providing funding or equipment to those wanting to start a self-sustaining trade or skill, e.g chicken farms, fishing boats;
  • establishing independent projects, for example St Mary's Home, our Orphanage in Sri Lanka;
  • Summer camps for youth in Romania;
  • supporting sanitation projects;
  • providing essential items when needed including medicine and school equipment;
  • helping with the construction of local projects;
  • and supporting children (and indirectly their families), through sponsorship.


SFWIN also supports Campaigns and issues of social justice. We work to alleviate poverty and believe in the importance of tackling the social injustices involved. Please see links to Campaigns on the home page.





The staff are made up entirely of dedicated volunteers who contribute to the projects and fundraising. They come from a range of backgrounds, offering time, support, skills, and expertise to the organisation.

Interested in volunteering with us?